Dreams Die Hard

I wrote that “Coming to Grips…” post a little over a week ago. Things change.

I had briefly returned to the hospitality business for the past two months and regretted it almost daily. I would drive by those vineyards in the morning, stopping to take pictures, watching the progression of veraison. Seeing people in the vineyards or running into winery people at the store or in tasting groups filled me with angst. I felt like a traitor.  I had  betrayed my dreams. I had strayed from my path.

I never should have left.

Fortunately, there is Fred Scherrer. A second chance. Fred has agreed to take me on. I will get to participate in the 2011 Harvest after all!

Later today I report to Scherrer Winery in Sebastopol, in the Russian River Valley!

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