What the heck have I gotten myself into?!?

Eastside Rd on the way to Scherrer Winery in Sebastopol in Green Valley

(click pic for clearer images)

Mornings are usually foggy this time of year in the Russian River Valley. Thick, extreme fog. This is where my story of the 2011 harvest begins…

At the junction of Ross Station Road and ??? to get to my internship

You just have to look for this road marker where the pavement meets a gravelly dirt backroad.

Road marker indicates you are almost there but you must 1st pass through Cahill

Apple orchards and Fog. Welcome to Sebastopol!

An old apple packing facility of course!

Unassuming door sign will all make sense soon enough

My 1st hour on the job was a visit to the tasting room for an education on the wines

Fred's office holds a Gibson electric and a Martin acoustic guitar and a recording studio!

...and now! Introducing the winemaker and my new boss --- Fred Scherrer!

Don’t be scared!!!

Scherrer is all about making great wines with that “sense of place” that wine lovers search endlessly for. The wines that come out of this place are truly unique and truly hand-crafted.

My 1st week I did crappy grunt work like mowing the high grass, weed-whacking the wild raspberry vines and sanitizing the picking bins.

At the end of Day One I got to taste through the Scherrer wines. When I left I was so astounded by the quality and character of the wines  I stopped a half-mile from the winery to call my family and friends. I was about to start this 2011 harvest out in the orchards of Sebastopol deep in the heart of the Russian River Valley learning how to make wine from an absolute genius who is relentless and dedicated to his craft.

…follow along dear friends – plenty more to come

Sebastopol Apple Harvest

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6 Responses to What the heck have I gotten myself into?!?

  1. Josh Shields says:

    Good luck Andy. Met Fred for a tasting early this year, and will agree that his wines are astounding in the sense of style and place he gets out of them. Best of luck again and surely I bet you walk away with priceless knowledge.
    P.S. Any winemaker with an onsite Guitar studio/office and passion for classic guitars is good in my book!

  2. Lesly says:

    Don’t forget to try the Rose’…A M A Z I N G!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lesly Taboada

  3. Hi Andy, back in 2005 I did what you’re doing for just two weeks as part of research for a book. Fred can give you the whole story to read and if he can’t find it I’d be happy to mail you my Saga. Perhaps it will inspire you during the weeks ahead. And you are quite right: Fred is making amazing wines, a fact to which the world has not really woken up.

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