“Makin’ Wine”

“We’re makin’ wine!”

makin' wine...uh...not exactly just yet

That’s what Cameron (VP of Wine-making at Ramey Cellars) used to say whenever he would have us doing something pretty far from winemaking – like scrubbing drains or cleaning the parking lot. Funny right?

But, there is a lot of upkeep at a winery that is necessary but somewhat unrelated to the actual winemaking. Especially the first week or so of a cellar internship.

even the rain gutters above the crush pad and winery bay doors need maintenance

So, my fellow intern, Kerry, and I have spent the better part of the last 2 weeks doing just that:  Cleaning and sanitizing the picking bins, the fermentation tanks and t-bins, bottling older vintages, labeling upcoming wines for the Scherrer fall release party and generally tiding up loose ends.

Kerry taming the fermentor under Fred's supervision

Scherrer Crush Pad cleaning - almost harvest!

This is my 3rd harvest. It probably sounds crazy, but I now enjoy this early-season cleaning and prep because it means the grapes are almost here!

For Scherrer Winery that means tomorrow. We are going to pick a few tons ourself to kick off the 2011 harvest!

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