King Pinot

Let's get some coffee and have some Cousteaux Bakery pasteries before we start.

On a brisk clear mid-September Friday morning Ben and Carla King greeted Kerry, Fred and I with some southern hospitality. We hung out talking wines and vines; weddings and birthdays until Daniel and Elizabeth showed up. It’s Daniel’s annual birthday party tomorrow – a big event in the Russian River wine circles!

King Vineyard house off Piner Road in the Russian River Valley

The occasion for coffee amongst the vines? To do the King Vineyard Pinot Noir picking ourselves. It was less than an acre of young clone 828 vines that would kick off the Scherrer Winery 2011 harvest.  Fred and Ben thought it would be a fun way to get the show started. Cool sunny weather, good friends and great looking fruit!

Gorgeous fruit at King. Clone 828...or not...Pinot Noir.

pick a pair of vine cutting clippers

There is botrytis pressure this year. Not yet a problem, but Fred made sure any affected clusters did not make it into the bins

Dr. Roberts and his wife Elizabeth teamed up. Daniel is the vineyard consultant.

(Mid-row) Ben King himself helped Fred (near bins) with some rows. The vineyard owner helping the winemaker pick!

2011 King Vineyard picking crew! Ben, Daniel, Elizabeth, Kerry, Fred Scherrer

The author struggling to make a living

These are the days you remember.

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