Shale Terrace and lots of Zin

That is a Hay Rake in front of a Zin plot called Shale Terrace

Fred Scherrer himself helped his father plant The Shale Terrace block of Zinfandel back in the early 70s. Talk about tough afternoon chores!

Ed, Fred's Dad, calls Shale Terrace the "Behind the Barn" Zinfandel

That lone block in the distance, left of the barn on the hillside is Shale Terrace

On yet another very sunny warm day in Northern Sonoma, we worked morning, noon and night sorting through bins of Zinfandel from Fred’s family vineyard located in the Alexander Valley.

The morning meeting over just delivered Scherrer Vineyard Zin

The last bin of the day being dropped with darkness closing in. Is that a scream of joy Kerry?

It’s harvest. Long hours, yes, but you only have this short period of time  to do the necessary work that will affect juice quality. We made sure to sort out any undesirable elements:

Botrytis = moldy vinegary flavors and aromas. Fortunately not that much in this delivery.

2nd crop cluster from auxillary shoots that start a month or so later. Unripe grapes

...and Characters like this guy don't get the honour of becoming part of our tasty Scherrer Old & Mature Zinfandel!

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