Small Lot Pinots: Gunsalus Vineyard

Glenn and Pamela's Gunsalus Vineyard on Upp Road off Graton Road

Fred Scherrer likes to source fruit from the many small, family-owned vineyards within a few miles of the winery. It is hard to capture the care and passion that these people put into their land.


On a crisp cool Saturday morning, Fred and I met Glenn & Pamela at their Gunsalus Vineyard in the heart of Green Valley, which is a cooler sub-AVA of the Russian River Valley. This site is a bit warmer in the day and cooler at night than other vineyards in the neighborhood. The Scherrer lot is planted on Riparia rootstock which works well in this particular 10-row section. (2006 article on choosing rootstock)

The skilled and most respected Silverado Farming team lent their expertise to this pick.

Silverado Farming arrived and it was "Game On!"

Fred and Eduardo of Silverado Farming tweak last-minute picking details

When they walked to the Scherrer rows and started pulling leaves and picking it had the feel of a sporting event. They went about their work with enthusiasm (con mucho gusto)!

The team gets after the 10 rows of Scherrer Pinot Noir from Gunsalus Vineyard

Pickers filled bins and Glenn would Gator them to the truck 12 bins at a time

Clone 777 Gunsalus Pinot gets loaded into 6 half-ton macro-bins...and then some

Eduardo, Pamela and Arnulfo after a great morning pick! Check out that steep slope

Complying with the LBAM guidelines, the bins are covered and we trucked it the few miles back to Scherrer Winery

Gunsalus Vineyard is another meticulously farmed, small, family owned vineyard that Scherrer Winery uses in his ethereal Russian River Valley Pinot Noir.

The Silverado crew was a bit faster and more proficient than the one we used at Helfer and King. But, our winemaker is always nearby to monitor quality in the winery, on the crushpad and in the vineyards.

Fred working the vineyard in tandem with Pamela, Glenn and Silverado Farming

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