MOG:  Material Other than Grapes.

Blue Belly Lizard! How in the heck......?

The Sorting Table – a mystical, transcendent place where stories are told, secrets are kept and time passes unnoticed.  A time to bond…

The Sorting Table - a magical place

And the place we spend countless hours making sure the fruit, and only the fruit, that makes it into the fermentors is clean and free of MOG.

Botrytis is one to watch for especially in the cooler 2011 vintage

This Tomato Bug elicited a bit of a scream from KM

some days are more frantic and sloppy than others

A nice neat clean MOG salad.

pretty colors, but this is that 2nd crop that starts later in the season - reject

...still one of my favorite characters, although Mr Blue Belly gets a nod!

The author - struggling to find his niche

My Texas Rangers open the 2011 Playoffs vs. those comeback kids, The Tampa Bay Rays in just a few hours. We’ll be sorting some more freshly picked King Pinot Noir right about at 1st pitch.

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2 Responses to MOG

  1. Kevin says:

    Hey thanks for the info Andy! I think I shouldn’t have checked out this blog during lunch…

    Does any MOG ever make it into the finished product? I wonder…

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