Rosé Miniseries: Fuscia Rain

This Grenache was big clusters of big blue berries with surprisingly thick skins

Yesterday, we stomped to lightly crush. Fred now pours the bins into the press

Makin it Rain...Fuscia. Beautiful colors. And flavors!

Fred will probably add some Calypso or Kick Ranch Syrah to the blend but for now let's just enjoy all that color!

Lesly, you are correct – the Scherrer Winery Rosé is “A M A Z I N G!!!!!!!!!!!!”



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2 Responses to Rosé Miniseries: Fuscia Rain

  1. Damien says:

    Thanks for the updates on the Rose and all things Scherrer, SOG bloggers. Fred’s rose is a favorite here in Chicago and I will share your posts with folks who are loving the 2010 and looking forward to the 2011! The addition of Grenache is exciting to look forward to.

    • Damien,
      I was at Helfer again. This time to get the Chardonnay. Don still speaks fondly of you. I’m enjoying watching Fred work on the Rosé. Thanks for passing the link along

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