…I Bid You a Fond Farewell


(UPDATE april 29, 2012: check out the Harvestoons 2011 video montage if you don’t have time to read this blog. It’s about a 5-minute photo journal of my internship.)

I reflect on my good fortune in catching on with Fred at Scherrer Winery. This vintage expanded my library of knowledge. Working side-by-side daily with Fred (& Kerry), 2011 was a time to discover the satisfaction of working for the pure joy of creating something timeless – an artist’s mindset. Time and paychecks became secondary.  People, relationships and the craft moved to the fore.

Interacting and collaborating with like-minded people, both at Scherrer, in those family vineyards, and on the many smaller projects that I participated in, was abundantly rewarding. Those long days, made memorable by the people connected to them:

These are the days.

The 2011 wines from Fred Scherrer,

in what is too soon being labeled a challenging vintage,

remind me of a line from a movie:

“For what we are about to see next, we must enter quietly into the realm of genius.”

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2 Responses to …I Bid You a Fond Farewell

  1. Kevin says:

    Great job Andy!

  2. casey g says:

    Want a harvest job next year? Know how to Clean Stuff?

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