About: The Author

The author visits Nickel & Nickel at the end of 2010 harvest internship

I am the author of two previous harvest blogs:

“Andy at Ramey: a winery grunt’s journal” and

“Running Towards Eden: tales from the harvest.”

“Season of Growth” is meant to be a pictorial microblog – short in duration.

I like to run. Running Fitch Mountain in Healdsburg helps inspire my creative side and keeps me sane (and allows me to eat scones almost daily).

I am certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers and The Society of Wine Educators.

I encourage you to join GuildSomm if you want to get serious about studying wine. It’s a great place to learn and a good place to network if you are in the hospitality or wine trade.

The title “Season of Growth” also refers to my own education. As my previous blogs document, I have worked at two wineries.  Leaving Texas, part of my dream was to immerse myself in the California food and wine culture.

The Russian River Meets The Pacific!

As part of this ongoing endeavor, I will work the 2011 harvest in the Russian River Valley.

The title picture was taken at the end of my 2010 internship. I rode a bike to my favorite spot on Oakville Crossroad on November 21, 2010…a good place to start looking towards

It's appropriate that we start at Pride Mountain because it straddles Napa & Sonoma


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