Feb 2011


It was sunny and 27C (81F) on Super Bowl weekend! Just beautiful in the Dry Creek Valley.

Notice how “cleaned up” the vineyards look. If you click on the pictures, you can see the fresh pruning cuts. You want to prune when you can reasonably expect to avoid rain for a few days before and after pruning. Fresh pruning wounds are susceptible to fungal infections like the spores of Eutypa lata – think “Dead arm.”

In February, pruning is a most important vineyard operation. There are many opinions on when to start pruning. Here is a pretty fair overview from The Napa Valley Register.

I do believe I saw them pruning the day before or earlier in the week. I ran Dry Creek Road several times that week. Of course, not everyone’s pruning schedule is the same.

Dry Creek Valley mustard looking West

DCV mustard East-facing near Teldeschi Winery

DCV near Nalle

Nalle Winery head-pruned Old Vines in DCV

A good time of year to visit St George Spirits at the old Alameda Naval Air Station, home of Hangar One Vodka and Absinthe Verte. Buddha's Hand Vodka was my favorite that day

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