Jan 2011


Notice the Joseph Swan Vineyard canes have not yet been pruned.  Many vineyards wait as long as possible to prune.

Mustard in the vineyards serve as a cover crop that helps the soil surpress nemotode populations by disrupting their reproductive cycle and attracts beneficial insects and birds that eat many pests as well as adding stunning color to the local landscape around Healdsburg

Joseph Swan Vineyards Russian River Valley

Sebastopol Mustard

These pictures were taken in early January 2011. Look how bright and sunny it is!

Homemade Brown Ale with LC stirring lovingly, the Dry Malt Extract being added by Brewmaster Corey, and Theo supervising. More on this in another month

Some of my favorite wine people got together to make some beer on a cold wet day in late January.  Viticulturists, Winemakers and me, the winerygrunt, learning to make a tasty Brown Ale.

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