June 2011


Flowering: Bloom to Fruit Set.

Down 15 in the 4th quarter,  The Dallas Mavericks rally to win Game 2 of the NBA Finals! Ah, but I digress.

Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are usually some of the 1st varietals to bloom so they were affected by the late May/early June rains that interrupted this stage. Also, the warmer Alexander Valley fruit set was affected somewhat as well – The always uneven clusters of Zinfandel especially.

Millerandage caused by rainy cool weather. Different sizes in the cluster

Gnarly Zin Vines in the Russian River Valley. Canopy growth and bloom

Nalle Winery vines two weeks apart.

June 12 bloom at Nalle, Dry Creek Valley

June 25. Vigorous canopy growth. Flowering. Note the difference of clusters here from the above picture, just 2 weeks later

A vineyard near Teldeschi in Dry Creek Valley.  That beautiful day in February and then again in late June.

Super Bowl Sunday, Temperatures in the low 80s (27C). Note fan in distance upper right.

Same vines in June. Look at the fan, upper middle of vineyard. Click pics for larger image

Here are some shots of a famous Russian River Pinot producer. June is a time of vigorous canopy growth.

Williams Selyem flowering, Russian River Valley June 11

Same day, canopy and tendrils of the same WS vineyard

Despite the early June rains, the weather warmed up by the middle of the month.  The weather stayed dry and sunny for the next several months. Actually, quite perfect for us humans.

I moved over to Napa Valley for July and August. We’ll look at some of the vineyard shots from across the Mayacamas Mountains next.

ps – The Mavericks rode the momentum of that incredible Game 2 comeback to win The NBA Championship!  I love Dirk Nowitzki.

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