May 2011


I started to notice flowering during the 1st few weekends in May. I spent most of my time around the Dry Creek Valley and the Russian River Valley, but I did visit Oregon’s Willamette Valley in late May.

(remember to click pic for bigger and better view)

Flowering. Sunday May 8. Russian River Valley

Passport to Dry Creek Valley on May 1 allowed me to see A. Rafanelli's vines

Unti Winery's Syrah vines. They do Italian and Rhone varietals for the most part

Headpruned or Headtrained Zin. This is what Dry Creek is known for. Notice leaf expansion.

Dirt Devil in Dry Creek Valley! Put on a show for a good 5 minutes it seemed.

Foliage on Westside Road in the RRV is getting thick. May 8th.

End of May in the Willamette Valley, Oregon. They were about 3 weeks behind us at Archery Summit! I was visiting Mom and my sister on Memorial Day Weekend.

Leaf from budbreak at Archery Summit in the Willamette Valley, OR

Red Hills of Dundee, Oregon. Not much going on in the vineyards just yet. Memorial Day Weekend


Late May rains in Northern California wine country hit right during bloom. Self-pollination of vines is interrupted because of this weather event and the coinciding cooler days.

Fruit set = how many flower clusters successfully fertilize. This weather causes “shatter” where vines are not pollinated, aka “coulure.” It can also create clusters with berries of all different sizes aka “millerandage.”

The good news was that my Dallas Mavericks had started their incredible run towards the NBA title!

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